2012 NBA All-Star Weekend preview

One of the most exciting times for NBA fans, and most relaxing weekends for players is now upon us: the 2012 NBA all-star weekend.

It will kicked off on Friday, February 24, at 7 pm with the celebrity all-star game and the rising stars challenge.  The public will most likely have their eye on the emerging point guard, Jeremy Lin.  He will be a member of the sophomore team as they take on the rookies.  For young rookie guards like Brandon Knight and Kyrie Irving, it will be their first time on such a big NBA national stage.  It has been a long road for these young players to reach this stage, and they have deserved all of the benefits they are now experiencing.

The festivities will continue on Saturday night with the shooting stars competition, the skills challenge, the three-point contest, and of course the slam dunk contest.  The slam dunk contest is one of the most exciting events of the weekend, in which the contestants are able to show off their high-flying abilities.  This year’s dunkers will be Chase Budinger of the Houston Rockets, Derrick Williams of the Minnesota Timberwolves, and Paul George of the Indiana Pacers.  With Iman Shumpert of the New York Knicks out of it due to an injury, we will not be able to see what he and Jeremy Lin had planned.

The most important event of them all, the all-star game, will take place on Sunday night.  The league’s best players will team up and put on a show.  To spice up the event, I will call it team Kobe vs. team Lebron.  It is only appropriate considering they are the leading scorers this season.  It will also be interesting to see Andrew Bynum and Dwight Howard, two of the best big men in the league, battle against each other.  So sit back and relax, because the events of this year’s all-star game will be a joy to watch as always.

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