2016 Rio Olympics: Michael O’Reilly blames supplement in failed drug test

2016 Rio Olympics: Michael O’Reilly blames supplement in failed drug test

Irish boxer Michael O’Reilly put the blame on a supplement for failing a drug test that shattered his Olympic dreams as the IOC sent him packing back home.

O’Reilly admitted Tuesday evening that he took the supplement without consulting his coach and team. He added that the supplement was recommended to him from experts outside of boxing. Now, he tested positive for the banned substance. O’Reilly regrets listening and taking such supplement.

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O’Reilly refused to name the supplement and noted that he will not contest the findings. It was noted that O’Reilly tested positive even before he left for the Olympics and was only notified of the results last Aug. 4. In a statement, O’Reilly admitted having taken the supplement “unintentionally” and apologized to his teammates, to IABA and to his countrymen for the mistake he made.

IABA, on their part, was disappointed at O’Reilly for not consulting their medical staff of which supplements to take. The association stressed that they have been educating their athletes of which supplement would help them in their quest for an Olympic gold medal. IABA also confirmed that O’Reilly has left the Olympic village and preparation for his flight back to Ireland have been arranged.

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The 23-year-old O’Reilly would have fought in the middleweight division and is considered a contender in the weight class. He won the gold in the European Games held in Baku last year and settled for the bronze medal in the World Amateur Boxing Championships held in Doha.

The future was bright for O’Reilly until he decided otherwise. His promising career in the Olympics has ended even before he entered the ring. Most likely he will never see an Olympic chance again not until IABA reinstate him after serving his suspension.