DeMarcus Cousins says Brittney Griner is delusional in thinking of beating him one-on-one?

DeMarcus Cousins says Brittney Griner is delusional in thinking of beating him one-on-one?

In a battle of the sexes, DeMarcus Cousins of team USA says that Brittney Griner is delusional in thinking that she could beat him in a one-on-one challenge.

The two have been exchanging pleasantries since they have arrived in Rio for the 2016 Olympic Games. They have stayed on the same cruise ship and maybe out of boredom, Griner now gets bolder as she thinks she could beat Cousins in a one-on-one showdown.

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Griner has been dominating the women’s division in the Olympics as she has been displaying her shot blocking prowess and she wants to put her skills to the test by challenging Cousins.

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The Griner challenge has also reached their respective teammates, who posted on social media that they would buy tickets to see the showdown. The 25-year-old Phoenix Mercury center said that she has been close to the 6-foot-8 Sacramento Kings center since they arrived for their Olympic campaign.

“I’ve never really been around him before until now, but he’s like that big brother, just to talk smack to and who is always competitive. He’s awesome,” Griner tells of Cousins.

For Cousins, all the talks are just for fun and stresses that Griner is delusional to even think that she could beat him. Cousins narrated that Griner would always be on his face telling stuff and he appreciates all the fun they have during practices, but will have Griner eat dust if they ever pursue the said “match.”

“This is our first time ever being around each other. I’m sure we were aware of each other, (being the) same high school class and all that (2009). From Day One, it was trash talkin’. Whenever you’re ready to get it on camera and see her get embarrassed, I’m ready for it,” Cousins said with a smile after practice on Tuesday.

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It is nice to see that both the men’s and women’s teams of USA have been working out great. But to see who wins the battle of the sexes would be the icing on the cake of their Olympic road campaign.

If ever the Griner vs. Cousins one-on-one showdown happens, it will be one for the books not only for basketball but also for the 2016 Olympics.

Photo Courtesy: scott mecum/Flickr