5 hottest and sexiest female Olympic medalists in the 2016 Rio Olympics [Pictures Included]

5 hottest and sexiest female Olympic medalists in the 2016 Rio Olympics [Pictures Included]

It’s been a great year for sports most especially because of the fruitful results of the recently concluded 2016 Rio Olympics that showcased the best athletes who competed in different sporting events to give honor to their respective countries.

Aside from the best of the best world class action during the different sporting events,there is no doubt that the faces of the hottest and sexiest female athletes also made a remarkable for sports enthusiasts.

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Here are some of the most hottest and sexiest female athlete who won Olympic medals during the 2016 Rio Olympics:

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  1. Aliya Mustafina – Russia

Я так благодарна всем всем всем всем!!!!!!!!!!!!! Как и 4 года назад, я рада тому, что в этом зале прозвучал гимн нашей страны. Спасибо тренерам, врачам, специалистам, друзьям, знакомым что болели и переживали. Спасибо Евгению Еанатольевичю, ведь мои брусья- это его работа. Друзья, пока нет сил прочитать все ваши сообщения. Спасибо вам что смотрели и переживали!!! Ну и конечно спасибо большое мои самым родным людям, моей семье. Я чувствовала каждую секунду их поддержку и веру в меня!!! Все, что я сделала тут, все было сделано для вас #люблю #rioend #teamrussia

A photo posted by Aliya Mustafina (@musaliya135) on

Лафа закончилась Сбор начался✌🏻️

A photo posted by Aliya Mustafina (@musaliya135) on


A photo posted by Aliya Mustafina (@musaliya135) on


Aliya Fargatovna Mustafina is a 21-year-old was born in Yegoryevsk, Russia. She is one of the most decorated gymnasts in the world. It was a fruitful journey for her in the 2016 Rio Olympics wherein she won 3 Olympic medals from different categories in the gymnast event.

She won 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze. She also got 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze last 2012 London Olympics.

2. Jade Jones – Great Britain

Mission accomplished!!! 1) win gold medal 2) picture by the statue with gold medal 😉 #success

A photo posted by Jade Jones (@jadejonestkd) on

Take no days off !!! @giavanniruffin loving my new training clothes

A photo posted by Jade Jones (@jadejonestkd) on

Productive spa day .. Chills .. Massage .. Stretch .. Jacuzzi .. Relax .. Sauna .. Chats ❤️

A photo posted by Jade Jones (@jadejonestkd) on


Jade Louise Jones is a Welsh taekwondo athlete who represents Great Britain. The 23-year-old Olympian was born in Bodelwyddan, Wales. She won a gold medal in the Women’s 57 kg taekwondo event in Rio Olympics.

She also won the gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics in the same event.

3. Ellen Hoog – Netherlands

Last week of training before heading to Rio on Sunday #roadtorio #cantwait

A photo posted by Ellen Hoog (@ellen_hoog) on

Genieten van de Italiaanse zon ☀ #leesvoer #lievemama #estherverhoef

A photo posted by Ellen Hoog (@ellen_hoog) on


A photo posted by Ellen Hoog (@ellen_hoog) on


Ellen Hoog is a Dutch field hockey player. The 30-year-old player was born in Bloemendaal, Netherlands. In the recently concluded 2016 Rio Olympics, together with the Netherlands team, they won the Olympic silver medal.

She also part of the team who won the gold medal during the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2012 London Olympics.

4. Aly Raisman – USA

Gala today!!! Love this leotard. Didn't have the chance to wear to a competition so I wore it this morning!! ❤️

A photo posted by Alexandra Raisman (@alyraisman) on

New @reebok campaign coming soon for the new shoe #ZPrint ….can't believe this is my life now 🙈 this photo hasn't been retouched or photoshopped in ANY way. Just a good insta filter and hard work 😉 This photo is for any girl (gymnast) that's ever been told by the boys in her class that her muscles are weird because she's stronger than anyone else. I used to get so upset when I was in 5th grade because all the boys in my class teased me for being too strong 😩 Now I can't imagine not looking this way because I wouldn't be as good of a gymnast. My hard work and dedication to gymnastics has taught me to be proud of my body and all the hard work that goes into being fit and strong (mentally and physically) #loveyourself #WeAreAllBeautifulInOurOwnWay 😊

A photo posted by Alexandra Raisman (@alyraisman) on


Alexandra Rose “Aly” Raisman is an American gymnast and two-time Olympian. She was a member and captain of both the 2012 “Fierce Five” and 2016 “Final Five” U.S. women’s Olympic gymnastics teams.

She was born in Needham, Massachusetts. She won 1 gold medal and 2 silver medals this 2016 Rio Olympics. She also won three Olympic medals during the Summer Olympics in London.

5. Pernille Blume – Denmark

That feeling when it's finally weekend!!! 💪🏼💦😇 #aaarhh #danmarktilol #speedo

A photo posted by Pernille Blume 🌸 (@pernilleblume) on


Pernille Blume is a Danish swimmer who competed at the 2012 London Olympics and was the 2016 Rio Olympics gold medalist in the women’s 50 m freestyle and bronze medalist in the women’s  4×100 medley relay. The 22-year-old swimmer was born in Herlev, Denmark.

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These are only some of the most beautiful, hottest and sexiest female Olympic medalist in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Their faces will forever remain in the history of the Summer Olympics, not because of the hot and sexy bodies, but because of their contribution to the world of sports and also because of their legacy that made a remarkable impact not just for their country but in the whole world.

Photo Courtesy: Erik van Leeuwen/Wikipedia