Jerry Colangelo wants a more seasoned USA team for 2020 Tokyo?

Jerry Colangelo wants a more seasoned USA team for 2020 Tokyo?

Team USA may have won the gold at the Rio Olympics, but USAB chairman Jerry Colangelo wants a more seasoned and dominating team for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Colangelo explained that the USA has always been setting the bar for the level of competition. He helped in the rehabilitation of the team since the 2004 Athens Olympic fallout. The 76-year old businessman and advisor to the Philadelphia 76ers noted that teams are trying to catch up with how the Americans play the sport.

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Colangelo tells USA TODAY that the close games they had in Rio are an evidence that they need to step up anew the level of competition. He sees that a more seasoned and dominating team should be assembled early on. Aside from doing that, Colangelo also wants other countries to beef up their system to catch up to give the Americans a run for their money.

“A combination of all of it. But what I’m just saying is you look around, you look at the programs that may be big-time programs going forward. I’m all for raising the bar for global basketball. The more interest in basketball on all levels, I’m in. (But) We just need to see these other countries get their acts together and become more competitive,” Colangelo said.

Colangelo noted that the one-sided result of Team USA should not be looked at as a hindrance for other countries in reforming their system. Rather, the games in the Olympics should encourage and motivate them to recalibrate their training system.

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Carmelo Anthony, who is Team USA’s three-time gold medalist, agrees with Colangelo. He stated that he has been on the losing side and that he would never ever trade the experience that he gained since then on.

Other countries must heed Colangelo’s warning. Team USA will have a new head coach going into the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Gregg Popovich. Popovich is known a master of perfection that help steered the San Antonio Spurs to five NBA championship titles.

Photo Courtesy: Tim Shelby/Flickr