Love conquers Rio Olympics as Isadora Cerullo accepts marriage proposal

Love conquers Rio Olympics as Isadora Cerullo accepts marriage proposal

It was not part of the Rio Olympics calendar of events, but for Brazilian rugby player Isadora Cerullo it was more than winning the gold medal as she accepted the marriage proposal made by her partner Marjorie Enya.

Everything took place after the  awarding ceremony for the women’s rugby sevens event at the Deodoro Stadium. As everyone was making their way out of the venue, Enya, who works as a volunteer for the Olympics and Cerullo’s partner for two years, popped the question.

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Though Australia, New Zealand, and Canada brought home the Olympic medals, respectively, it was probably Enya who took home the biggest prize of them all – Cerullo’s “yes” to marriage.

Enya told BBC that when she knew that Cerullo was included in Brazil’s national rugby team to the Olympics, she wanted to make the whole event special. She added that she felt nervous about how she would come up with the right words to say to Cerullo, whom she considers as the “love of her life.”

The marriage proposal comes as the first in Olympic history and the IOC welcomes such news after the Rio Olympics was marred with doping scandal. A wedding proposal surely eases out the tension around the Games.

“From the IOC it’s a fantastic and positive story obviously and, as you know, it’s in the charter that we don’t accept any discrimination on grounds of race or religion, and sexuality is now included in that. But this is kind of takes it even further, it’s a celebration of that and I think, you know, it certainly made me feel good this morning when I heard about the story, so yeah it’s excellent,” IOC spokesman Mark Adams said.

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Brazil is one of the many countries that accept same-sex marriage after legalizing it back in 2013. And with all the scandal that this year’s Olympics had a marriage proposal was a way to divert the tension.

Video Courtesy: Inside Edition/YouTube

Photo Courtesy: ChristianFerronato/Pixabay