Rio Olympics: Australian delegation questions security after fire and robbery incident

Rio Olympics: Australian delegation questions security after fire and robbery incident

The Australian delegation questions the security inside the athlete’s village days before the opening of the games for the Rio Olympics. This came after a fire broke out Friday at the apartment where the Australian delegation is housed. A robbery incident was reported as well.

When the Australians moved into their apartment, they have complained that the quarters are not livable due to unfinished plumbing and electrical works. Soon afterwards, a fire broke out. When the Australians were told to vacate their quarters, they found out that two laptops and team t-shirts belonging to their cycling team were stolen.

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Australian chef de mission Kitty Chiller stated that she saw three fire officers coming out the team’s t-shirts, but admitted that she was not sure if they were indeed fire officers. Stolen were the Australian cycling team’s t-shirts that were supposed to protect the athletes from the Zika virus scare and two laptops.

“There is no CC-TV in the village. At the time I did not know (who they were). They were not team members. I did not know then whether they were volunteers who were given shirts because they helped to evacuate us,’’ Chiller said.

Chiller also revealed that the fire alarms in their building were deactivated at the time of the incident that some of the Australian athletes did not know that there was a fire evacuation going on. Reports noted that the fire started in the basement of the apartment where the Australians were. The fire was caused allegedly by a cigarette that was purposely thrown into a pile of construction materials.

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Chiller added that since the incident, they have increased security within their quarters and told their athletes to secure their belongings. She noted that there are still people walking inside the athlete’s village without proper accreditation that poses more question on the security being in placed by the organizers.

But despite the incident, the Australian delegation is still focused on the task at hand and that is to represent their country at the Olympics. Chiller noted that they have beefed up their own security and had their own fire inspectors to look into their apartment. She remains positive that their athletes will still bring home more medals despite their experience.

Photo Courtesy: carlbob/Flickr