Rio Olympics: Kenya sprint coach John Anzrah also wanted free meals inside the Olympic Village?

Rio Olympics: Kenya sprint coach John Anzrah also wanted free meals inside the Olympic Village?

Free meals allegedly drove sprint coach John Anzrah of Kenya to pose as an athlete to enter the Olympic Village, even reaching the point of submitting urine samples to doping inspectors — not until his cover was blown and he was sent back home packing.

Kenyan authorities in Rio said that what Anzrah did was a “disgrace” to their nation following the arrest of athletics team manager Major Michael Rotich for extortion. In Anzrah’s case, he allegedly took the identity of distance runner Ferguson Rotich to get free breakfast at the Olympic Village. Aside from the free meals, Anzrah also signed documents on behalf of Rotich and even submitted a urine sample for a doping test.

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National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOCK) chairman Kip Keno told BBC that they would not tolerate such behavior. The IOC issued a statement that they are reviewing the matter with sanctions and disciplinary action awaiting Anzrah. The Olympic body also praised Kenya for acting immediately on the matter. It was also learned that NOCK did arrange for Anzrah to be in Rio for the Olympics and will conduct their own investigation on the matter as well.

“We take note of the decision of the Kenyan Olympic Committee to send home its athletics coach following a violation of anti-doping rules and we thank them for their swift action,” an IOC spokesperson said.

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Initial investigation on the matter found that Rotich lends Anzrah his pass so that latter could avail of the free breakfast Wednesday morning. Anzrah was then approached by a doping control officer looking for Rotich to submit a urine sample.

Good thing was that Anzrah told Rotich of what happened and the runner managed to submit himself to the doping inspection. The IAAF will provide the IOC with the complete report on the incident and will also investigate to issue disciplinary actions against both Anzrah and Rotich.

Photo Courtesy: Graham Campbell/Flickr