Rio Olympics: Team USA to stay in a floating ‘Silver Cloud?’

Rio Olympics: Team USA to stay in a floating ‘Silver Cloud?’

The USA men’s basketball team, led by Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski, will arrive in style for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games as they will stay on a luxury cruise ship “Silver Cloud” for the duration of the games.

The USA men’s basketball team is composed of some of the wealthiest men in the NBA. After hearing news of how undesirable it is to live in the Olympic Village, they decided to rent out a 16,000-ton cruise ship.

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The ship is not only equipped with security features, TMZ reported that it also has all the amenities a rich athlete could afford such as a pool, gym, cigar lounge and a bar.

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Aside from the luxury, security is one of the major concerns for the USA men’s basketball team. According to Maua port terminal operations director Alexandre Gomes, visitors and fans would find it hard to approach the ship. Gomes added that two Federal boats are set as perimeter security in the waters and a bulletproof fence will keep the public away on shore.

The USA men’s basketball team learned that the living quarters inside The Olympic Village does not even meet with international standards. Mario Cilenti, who is the Director of the Olympic Village, was sacked for failing to deliver the quality of the athletes’ village.

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USA basketball spokesperson Craig Miller noted that this is not the first time that the USA men’s basketball team used a cruised ship as their quarters. He explained that during the Syndey Olympics, they also housed both the men’s and women’s squads on board a cruise ship as well. Miller also stated that after a long season in the NBA, they want their players to be well rested for the games.

The USA men’s basketball team comes to the Rio Olympic Games in style. They heard of the horrible conditions at the Olympic Village, not to mention the threat of the Zika virus. Thus, staying on a cruise ship proves that money can buy you things and gives you the comfort while enjoying the Olympics.

Photo Courtesy: Felix König/Wikimedia