49ers and Ravens move on to Super Bowl XLVII

After what has been a very exciting season for the NFL, it has come down to the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens on February 3 for Super Bowl XLVII.

It will be a game of Harbaughs. It began with the Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers making a come back from being down 17-0 but they rallied back and won against that Atlanta Falcons 28-24. Next it was John Harbaugh and the Ravens upsetting win over the New England Patriots, 28-13.

It has been 18 years since the 49ers went to the Super Bowl and they are going with a rookie quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. The first half the defense struggled against the Falcons giving up 24 points and 297 yards, that was corrected the second half. Second half of the game the Falcons were scoreless.

It remained a close game though and the Falcons had a chance in the fourth quarter but they turned it over twice in the final minutes while in the red zone. The 49ers caused incompletions and deflections to keep the Falcons from scoring.

In the second half it was back to read option plays. Kaepernick handed it off to Frank Gore and LaMichael James for the read option play. Kaepernick drilled in with the pass up the seam to Vernon Davis throughout the entire game.

It has been 12 years since the Ravens have been to the Super Bowl and now with Joe Flacco throwing three touchdowns in just the second half. Flacco has made this his redemption year along with an amazing final season for Ray Lewis.

For Ray Lewis this was another exceptional game, he finished with 14 tackles. Last week he had 17 tackles against the Denver Broncos. He has made 31 tackles in two weeks, that is a pretty good way to go out into the Super Bowl for your final season.

The first half of the game the Patriots suffered three injuries: Aqib Talib, Kyle Love and Patrick Chung. Talib injured his thigh, Love injured his knee and Chung was helped off the field. Rob Grownkowski was out from last week’s injury that required more surgery on his arm.

In the second half of the game the Ravens had 21 unanswered points. Tom Brady had been 67-0 at home when winning at the half. It was clear that the Ravens were not afraid of the Patriots. The excitement for this team cannot be put into words.

Anquan Boldin, wide receiver, told NFL.com, ”Last year, we walked out of here with a bitter taste in our mouth. And we wanted to come back to this exact same spot and rectify that.”

Now it is time to begin to prepare for the Harbaugh Bowl in 2 weeks.

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