49ers’ Kaepernick leads, defense finishes in win over Saints

The San Francisco 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick got his second start of the season and led his team to a huge win over the New Orleans Saints.

Kaepernick had a solid game, as he continues to replace former starter Alex Smith. He completed 16 of 25 completions for 231 yards, a touchdown, and an interception and his passer rating was 90.6.

Kaepernick’s only touchdown of the game was a rushing touchdown he took himself.

But what was more impressive than Kaepernick’s stats was his pocket awareness. He was frequently pressured by the Saints’ defense but was able to slip away, extend the play and find his target. Kaepernick was never sack the entire game, reported SFGate.

Apart from a solid offense, the 49ers’ defense came out with big plays. They intercepted Drew Brees twice and run both back for touchdowns. The first interception was by 49ers’ safety Donte Whitner. The second was by linebacker Ahmad Brooks, according to the Associated Press.

During an interview with 49ers’ linebacker Patrick Willis, he talked about his team’s defensive performance, saying, “We know how good our defense is, especially coming off of last week’s 32-7 win against Chicago. When it counted, our defense held together and won the game for us.”

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