49ers: Randy Moss can miss workouts

Most people dislike it when their employee miss work, but the San Francisco 49ers are not very upset that their wide receiver Randy Moss has been a no-show at this week’s workouts.

“Randy’s not in and that was something discussed with Randy when we made the arrangement and signed him,” General Manager Trent Baalke said. “That is not unexpected by any stretch.”

The voluntary offseason training began Monday. However, Baalke is confident that Moss will attend will be in shape and in attendance when on-field coaching begins in five weeks.

“He’s a first, in all likelihood, a first-ballot Hall of Famer,” Baalke said. “To reach that level you have to have something in you to play at that level for so long. . . . He’s one of the best competitors at his position and maybe all positions throughout his career.”

Both Moss and Mario Manningham were recently added in free agency.

“We love competition. You’re trying to create it as much as you can,” Baalke said when he was asked if the wide receiver position was one of need in the draft. “You don’t want to overload a position, but competition is good for everyone and real good for the football team.”

He also noted that the right guard position is the only one currently available in the 49ers’ starting lineup.

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