Aaron Hernandez destroys home security system, investigation continues

Destroying your home security system and cell phone while under investigation for murder? Not the best way to get the cops off your trail. Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez did not receive that memo.

According to ABC News, police plan to return to the New England star’s home with a warrant based on evidence that “he destroyed his home security system,” an investigator close to the case told ABC News. The security system contained surveillance tapes.

Sources also told ABC News that a cell phone used by Hernandez was handed over to the police “in pieces” by his attorneys.

But the suspicious activity didn’t stop there.

Sources went on to tell ABC News that police are inquiring as to why a team of housekeepers were hired on Monday to scrub Hernandez’s home.

“We are not calling him a suspect, but he is definitely not in the clear,” said one police official close to the investigation.

ABC News also reports that Hernandez and Odin Lloyd partied Friday night into early Saturday morning. So add, “partying with the murder victim a few nights before his death” to the checklist.

Investigators have also found and searched three Enterprise rental cars registered to Hernandez, one of which had one of its mirrors knocked off. That car was found  at an Enterprise location in Boston, Wednesday. Sources said it had been dropped off abruptly sometime Tuesday with the broken mirror, ABC News reports.

A second vehicle was recovered near Lloyd’s body, and a third rental car was stopped from pulling out of Hernandez’s driveway on Tuesday. The two men in the car were questioned and then released.

So, let’s recap: destroyed home security system that contained surveillance tapes? Check. A cell phone broken to pieces? Check. A team of housekeepers hired to scrub down a mansion? Check. Three rental cars – one with a mirror knocked off, one found near the victim’s body, and one leaving a suspect’s house? Check.

According to USA Today, teams were weary of Hernandez during the 2010 NFL draft. One general manager who spoke to USA Today said his scouts warned him away from Hernandez because of chronic marijuana use. The information the GM received indicated that Hernandez tried to mask drug use. While using marijuana doesn’t make you a murderer or prone to murder, the “masking” element of Hernandez appears evident  in the murder case (See previous recap).

The Patriots and the NFL have remained mum on the situation.