Adam “Pacman” Jones to be charged with assault

Cincinnati  Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones is back in the news off the field after being involved in a an incident at a Cincinnati bar Thursday night.

Jones announced his arrest via Twitter, and turned himself in later Monday.

His agent, Peter Schaffer, told ProFootballTalk that Jones was at a bar after the Cincinnati Reds game when two women approached him and asked to take a picture with Jones. Jones declined, and one of the women threw a bottle at Jones’ head from point-blank range. Jones retaliated by turning and slapping the woman and said, “What are you doing? Stop it!”

Jones has done a decent job (for him) of staying out of trouble and turning his career around.

According to, Jones spoke at the NFL Rookie Symposium last summer about his experiences and is scheduled to do so again this year.

In the interview with ProFootballTalk, Schaffer said that he believes if Jones was anyone else, he would not have been arrested.

“If it was anybody other than Adam Jones, they would have investigated it,” Schaffer said of the police.  “If it was anybody other than Adam Jones, they wouldn’t have arrested him.”

The police have not yet issued a report.

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