Adrian Peterson vows to break the rushing record this year

Adrian Peterson had a great comeback season last year when he rushed for over 2,000 yards and came up eight yards shy of the all-time single season rushing record. For an encore, Peterson claims that he will break the record this year.

Peterson is one to make bold statements and it is pretty clear he has confidence in his abilities, as he should. This is the same guy who came back eight months after tearing his ACL. Peterson is unanimously the best running back in the NFL and led his Minnesota Vikings to the playoffs almost single-handedly last season.

According to Bleacher Report, Adrian Peterson said on SportsCenter that he would “definitely” break that record this year. Peterson also said, in the interview, that he thinks he could have broke his final run of the 2012 season even longer, but was more worried about winning the game and getting into the playoffs.

This news comes only a few hours after Peterson told a local Minnesota paper that he feels like he’s getting younger.

“I feel like me not realizing that helps me, me not thinking about, ‘Well, my clock is starting to tick, getting older and older.’ That’s not doing nothing but hurting me. So I’m thinking in my mind that each year I’m getting younger,” said Peterson, according to NBC Sports.

This goal to break the record might not be so easy for Peterson if he continues to get a lack of support from the team’s passing game. Christian Ponder has thrown 13 and 12 interceptions respectively over his first two seasons, and last year he only had 6.1 yards per attempt.

Adrian Peterson is a great running back and a physical specimen, but to ask anybody to do what he did last year would be asking a lot. It’s great for him to have lofty expectations, but to do what he did last year, again, and then more, seems like a long shot. But if anyone is going to be able to pull it off, don’t put it past AP.

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