Alex Cobb’s injury brings up safety issues

Since Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Alex Cobb was injured by a line drive, the question about better equipment has been brought up.

During their Kansas City game, the team informed the public that Cobb was discharged from the hospital on Sunday after his right ear was hit by a line drive, the Associated Press reported. The pitcher will be put on a seven-day concussion list.

An ESPN report mentioned that this incident would spark up an argument over pitching protection equipment.

“It’s scary; you think about it, and then you don’t think about it when you’re on the mound,” Rays pitcher David Price told ESPN. “But when you see it happen, and you see line drives and hard groundballs up the middle, it definitely crosses your mind.”

Pitcher Matt Moore is in favor of wearing gear if it meant preventing an injury.

“A cricket helmet, or whatever it was, I would give it my best effort to make sure I pitch with that,” he said to ESPN. “If I could prevent something like that by wearing something, without a doubt I would.”

Aside from Cobb, according to ESPN, there have been four other previous incidents that involved a pitcher suffering a head injury after being hit by a liner.

Rays reliever Jamey Wright expressed that the issue should be taken under serious consideration.

“We don’t want somebody getting killed before something is done about it,” he told the Associated Press.

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