Alex Collins finally signs with Arkansas with help from dad

Running back Alex Collins was finally able to sign with Arkansas a day after his mom took his letter of intent to prevent him from signing with the school.

Collins signed the letter at a Florida sports bar, where he was accompanied by his father, Johnny Collins, who provided the written consent that was needed due to NCAA rules, according to ESPN.

His mother, Andrea McDonald, who had refused to sign the letter of intent because she preferred him to sign with a school closer to home, was not present.

Despite the events of the previous day, Collins seemed to be in a good mood, even showing up dressed in camouflage overalls and joking around. He also said he holds no ill feelings towards his mother.

“She just wanted to make sure I was making the right decision,” Collins said. “She was concerned about me being so far away from home and how I could handle it.”

His mother isn’t taking the news so lightly, however, as she hired an attorney on Thursday with the Cochran firm, according to the Los Angeles Times. She wants him to represent her while “she contemplates” the school where her son will play football.

Despite his mother’s actions, Collins is ready to put the incident past him and move on.

“Arkansas is my new home, and I’m just ready get started with my career there,” Collins said. “It’s a happy day for me, and I’m just excited about my future.”

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