Allen Iverson reportedly abducted his own children

Former Philadelphia 76ers star point guard Allen Iverson has been accused of abducting his own children by his wife Tawanna Iverson, reports say.

Iverson had been granted legal permission to take his children on a vacation to North Carolina, CBS Philly reports. The documents apparently say that the vacation was supposed to go from May 22 until May 26 and Iverson would return the children to his wife on June 4 at an agreed upon location but never showed up.

TMZ reported this early Monday afternoon and the former All-Star’s wife is apparently taking legal action in order to get her children back.

Since leaving basketball it has been a long time since Iverson has been part of any good news. This time Tawanna, who has sole legal and primary custody of the kids, is apparently asking the judge to give Iverson jail time once he and the children are found. She believes that Allen is with the kids at a Sheraton hotel in Georgia.

Allen and Tawanna have had a long history of bad blood, and this is not the first time legal action has been taken. It will be interesting to see how the once highly regarded basketball star comes out of this one.

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