Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman rematch set for UFC 168

After Anderson Silva lost for the first time in his UFC career to Chris Weidman, he also lost his Middleweight title that he had since 2006. After that fight he said he was not interested in a rematch with Chris Weidman for the title.

Well it seems as though Silva lied, because Dana White (UFC president) announced that UFC 168 will be headlined by the rematch of Silva vs Weidman. The fight will talk place on December 28 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas reports USA Today.

That makes it only about seven months time in between fights, which is unusual because fighters typically take about a year to train and prepare for a fight. White announced on ESPN’s Sportscenter that both fighters have signed on for this rematch. He has been saying since after the first fight that Silva would want a rematch, which was the opposite of what Silva was saying.

When White was asked about Silva’s motivation going into the rematch White said “Silva is motivated, fired up and wants his belt back” CBS Sports reports.

UFC 168 will most certainly be a spectacle, and we will have to see if Silva is as motivated as Dana White says he is to get his Championship back.

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