Andrew Bynum says he may not play at all this season

Andrew Bynum said on Friday that he is unsure if he will play for the Philadelphia 76ers this season, after sustaining some swelling in his right knee, a week after participating in his first practice this season.

The Sixers were a part of a four-team trade in August to acquire Bynum from the Los Angeles Lakers, but he has been out all season with bone bruises and damaged cartilage in both knees.

According to USA Today Sports, Bynum said in November the left knee was causing him pain and a locking feeling, while his right knee was “phenomenal.” Now there is a role reversal and the left knee “feels good” while the right knee is the issue.

Bynum is still hopeful for a new surgical procedure in the future.

“They just grew cartilage in a petri dish, science is looking at it,” Bynum was quoted in an article from the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Doctors are looking at it… they’re going to come up with something.”

The one-time All-Star will make $16.9 million this year and enters free agency at the end of this season.

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