Arsenal edges Hotspurs for Final Champions League spot

Arsenal’s victory over Newcastle United guaranteed them a place in the Champions League for next season. They narrowly avoided being eliminated in the final weekend by conceded point to the Tottenham Hotspurs.

Heading into the final Sunday of the Barclays Premier League Tottenham needed a victory and some help to make it into the Champions League as they trailed Aresnal by a single point. Despite a 1-0 victory behind Garreth Bale’s incredible shot in the 89th minute Arsenal’s victory over Newcastle eliminated the Spurs chances.

The top four teams from England’s Barclays Premier League advance to the European wide Champions League.  This year, defending Champion’s League winner, Chealsea will be joined by Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal.  There was little drama regarding the top three teams as all three spots had been decided heading into this morning’s matchups.

Tottenham trailed Arsenal by a single point, but would lose a tiebreaker of overall goal differential by an insurmountable 15 goals. Both teams were playing opponents barely fending off relegation, so wins by both teams were not surprises.  Arsenal was in control 1-0 of their game for most of the second half, meaning that Tottenham didn’t stand much of chance to advance.  Bale’s goal made things interesting, but by the time the Spurs had scored Arsenal was on their way to the Champions League.

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