The future of Duke’s Austin Rivers

What’s next for young Duke star Austin Rivers?  Will he decide to try his luck in the NBA, or will he stay at Duke and build upon his promising skills.  While many say he has the intangible skills and confidence to play at the next level, the scouts who aren’t impressed by Rivers fail to see beyond his selfishness and over-confidence on the court.

There is no doubt that Austin Rivers is a clutch player.  His late game performances in games against the University of North Carolina and North Carolina State are a slight testament to that.  Also, there is not question that he has the ability to create his own shot.  He has an explosive first step, can penetrate to the basket at will, and has an uncanny tendency to knock down deep shots.  He has a high basketball IQ as well.

He may not be ready for the NBA because he seems to play beyond his talents.  What I mean is that his confidence outweighs his talents.  Although he is a true talent who will undoubtedly be a first round draft pick, his high demand for the ball and the fact that he isn’t the best athlete makes some scouts worry about how he would fit into the system of a professional team.  His season averages of 15 points and 2 assists per game show that he has not yet discovered whether he is a true point guard or shooting guard, but he has proven himself in clutch moments of games.  Once he figures out his role and perfects his style of play, then he will be an all-star caliber player.  The decision he has to make is whether coach K is the best coach for him to develop under, or an NBA coach.

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