Baltimore Ravens running back robbed and carjacked at gunpoint

Baltimore Ravens second-year and backup running back Bernard Pierce was robbed and carjacked at gunpoint Saturday night in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Sources told CBS Philadelphia that a gunman jumped from his car and robbed Pierce and his companion. The gunman then stole Pierce’s BMW. According to the report, the car was recovered in another part of the city and processed for evidence.

Pierce and his companion are unharmed, but naturally shaken by the incident.

“Bernard’s fine,” his agent Martin Magid said Tuesday night. “The police are investigating the incident. Any questions about it should be forwarded to the Philadelphia Police Department. It’s not the best situation, but he’s good.”

According to The Baltimore Sun, a Ravens spokesperson said that team officials have been in contact with Pierce and aware of the situation.

The former Temple running back played an important role during the Ravens’ Super Bowl. In addition to taking some of the load off of Rice, Pierce runs with longer, more powerful strides than Rice, which allows him to hit holes stronger and faster than Rice. Pierce’s combination of speed and strength is similar in style to that of Houston’s Arian Foster and Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson.

Pierce rushed for 532 yards and one touchdown in 2012. He continued his strong running in the postseason, rushing for 202 yards in four postseason games.

Though Rice is deservingly cemented as the starter, Pierce is expected to see an increased load this season.

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