Baltimore Ravens win Super Bowl XLVII

Super Bowl XLVII did not disappoint, the game was filled with excitement and shocking moments.

The first half of the game, the Baltimore Ravens dominated the San Francisco 49ers; at the half the score was 21-6.

Baltimore scored on their first drive. Quarterback Joe Flacco completed a pass to Anquan Boldin to start off the game at 7-0. The second quarter is when the Ravens’ famous defense came in. San Francisco’s LaMichael James fumbled the ball to have the Ravens recover it. Dennis Pitta then had a touchdown. Justin Tucker set up for a field goal but instead ran it to be stopped three yards short by San Francisco.

San Francisco could not do anything offensively because of the Ravens’ defense. Once the Ravens got the ball back, Jacoby Jones went in for a touchdown to bring the score to 21-3. The 49ers were able to get another field goal before the end of the half.

Halftime show was Beyoncé who shocked the crowd by bringing back some songs from her former group, Destiny’s Child.

After halftime, the third quarter opened with Jacoby Jones running a return kick 108 yards for a touchdown to bring the score up to 28-6. Right after that, the stadium lost power. The power outage caused a 35-minute delay of the game which was what the 49ers needed.

The 49ers came out after the power outage on fire and ready for a comeback. However big the comeback was, the 49ers never held a lead in the game.

After the power came back on, 49ers’ Michael Crabtree ran for a 31-yard touchdown with 7:28 left in the third quarter. After Crabtree scored a touch down, Frank Gore ran one into the end zone to bring the game within eight points, 28-20. Two plays after that, Ravens’ Ray Rice fumbled the ball and 49ers’ Brown recovered it. Things were definitely going well for the 49ers.

San Francisco then made a field goal to bring the score to 28-23. Baltimore then responded with a field goal to take the score to 31-23. San Francisco’s quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, ran in a touchdown with 10 minutes left in the game to bring the score to 31-29. The 49ers then did not complete the two point attempt.

Things changed and the Ravens kicker, Justin Tucker, made a field goal to make the score 34-29. The Ravens then made an intentional safety to take up some of the final seconds of the clock which brought the score to the final 34-31.

It was a game where coaches were brothers and the older one, John Harbaugh, won. John said a few things about beating his younger brother, Jim, according to the Los Angeles Times.

John Harbaugh said, ”I told him I loved him. He told me, ‘Congratulations.’” He also said that beating his brother ”was the hardest thing I ever experienced.”

“Games can go like that. That’s why you have to take care of the football. Fitting that we won that way. Niners got a little momentum and we had to win it at the end. That’s the way it’s always been with us,” said Flacco, according to USA Today.

This was also Ray Lewis’s last game of his career. It meant a lot to him and his teammates to win. He made an impact on the team. Ray Rice said after the game, “The main thing that Ray Lewis has done for my career was he taught me how to be a pro. To me being a pro has everything to do with how you act, not only on the field, but off the field as well. He was a leader by example, but his words get across to not only us but everywhere in America. It feels good to know that he’s my guy not only on the field, but for life.”

Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens, the 2013 Super Bowl champions.

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