Big East hires Val Ackerman as new commissioner

The Big East has chosen a commissioner to lead them into the new era of college athletics in Val Ackerman.

According to the Chicago Tribune, officials from the Big East confirmed the news on Wednesday and schools in the conference were being notified of the newly appointed Ackerman.  In a statement she expressed her excitement to lead the conference saying, “I am horned to be given this incredible opportunity to work in partnership with the 10 world-class institutions that are marching ahead under the Big East banner.”

Ackerman first emerged as the front-runner for the job on June 21 as the Big East and the former WNBA president began negotiations for the commissioner position. Since then many have come out in support of the 53-year old including NBA Commissioner David Stern.

In a statement given to, Stern said, “She brings all of that experience with intelligence, a keen analytical ability, an intense work ethic and a winning management style.”

Because the Big East is heavily centered around its basketball prowess Ackerman, who was the commissioner of the WNBA from 1996-2005, a staff attorney for the NBA and a the first female president of USA basketball, quickly became the most sought after individual for the job and the conference acted quickly to ink the deal.

Ackerman will lead the Big East into the new era of college athletics when the conference is changed to the American Athletic Conference on July 1.

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