Big East looking to add 12th team

The Big East conference is looking to add another school and sign a TV package deal to multiple networks.

The Associated Press reports commissioner Mike Aresco said on Monday, ”We probably at some point will add a 12th team. We are going to have 11 when Navy comes in ’15. We’ll have 10 this year. There’s no urgency, but we think we’ll probably think about adding a 12th team.”

Aresco added, ”I do think as conferences consolidate, as they get bigger, I think they rethink what they are doing, and I think there will be a period of calm,” he said. ”It doesn’t mean it’s over.”

New York Daily News reports that the Catholic seven basketball schools decided to leave and form their own conference. Boise State and San Diego State also decided to return to the Mountain West. So the Big East wants to keep their name.

The Big East currently has a deal with ESPN for televised rights that is about to end. Aresco said that they are looking into making a deal with multiple networks. ”We think we could end up doing a deal with multiple networks, we just don’t know yet,” he said.

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