Blue Jays suspend Escobar for gay slur

On Tuesday, the Toronto Blue Jays announced that they have suspended shortstop Yunel Escobar for three games for wearing the phrase “tu ere maricon” on his black eye tape. Yunel wore this phrase on Saturday’s game against the Boston Red Sox.

The phrase can be interpreted in different ways, including as a homophobic slur towards the gay community.

The situation intensified as photographs circulated through the Internet. This forced the Blue Jays to take immediate action.

Escobar told The Star, “It’s just been said around amongst the Latinos. It’s not something that’s meant to be offensive. For us, it didn’t have the significance in the way that’s being interpreted. It’s a word used often within teams (and here he shrugged). It’s a word without meaning.”

Despite the phrase being intended of being non-offensive, Escobar will receive punishments that will consist of attending sensitivity training, participating in an outreach to educate people in sexual orientation, a three-day suspension, and $83,000, which will be donated to the You Can Play project and Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, according to The New York Times.

After meeting with MLB commissioner Bud Selig about this situation, Selig told ESPN MLB, “Mr. Escobar has admitted that his actions were a mistake and I am hopeful he can use this unfortunate situation as an opportunity to educate himself and others that intolerance has no place in our game or society.”

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