Bochy picks Matt Harvey to start, Clayton Kershaw ‘hurt’

San Francisco Giants manager and National League manager for the All-Star game at Citi Field, Bruce Bochy, selected the New York Mets phenom Matt Harvey as the NL starter for the All-Star Game.

Clayton Kershaw was not happy.

Kershaw seems to feel that he deserves to be the NL starter, and his numbers suggest so (8-6, 1.98 ERA, 0.91 WHIP), and that the fact that the All-Star Game is at the Mets’ Citi Field played a role in Bochy selecting Harvey over him. Harvey has plenty good numbers as well, he is 7-2, with a 2.35 ERA and 0.92 WHIP so far this season. He also leads the league with 147 strikeouts.

“Kershaw, (St. Louis Cardinals starter Adam) Wainwright, all of those guys were candidates,” Bochy said, according to USA Today. “I just think we’ve got the perfect guy, with the year he’s had, and he plays for the Mets.”

According to NBC Sports, at Bochy’s press conference Monday, in reference to Harvey being chosen the year the game is at Citi Field, Harvey’s home field, he stated, “It wouldn’t have mattered what city we were playing in with the year he’s had.”

Kershaw, who pitches for Bochy’s Giants’ rival the Los Angeles Dodgers, of course disagreed.

“It hurts,” Kershaw told reporters. “Yeah. It hurts.”

He added, “That’s (Bochy’s) opinion,” about his choice for starter.

The NL has a who’s who of top major league pitchers on their roster for the All-Star. Joining Kershaw and Harvey are starters Patrick Corbin, Adam Wainwright, Travis Wood, Jordan Zimmerman (who is injured and won’t participate), Cliff Lee, Jose Fernandez, Jeff Locke, and Madison Bumgarner; as well as top relievers Jason Grilli, Craig Kimbrel, and Aroldis Chapman.

The believed slight of Kershaw by Bochy may be to the benefit of the Dodgers, as it won’t be surprising to see Kershaw pitching with a chip on his shoulder the rest of the season. However, it will be tough to beat the incredible numbers he posted in the first half of the season.

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  • chunkylover42

    Kershaw’s comment was in response to Bochy saying he’d have picked Harvey to start in front of ANY crowd, not just because its in NY. That’s despite Kershaw posting better stats and with three years of dominance under his belt (compared to Harvey’s, admittedly fantastic, first half). That’s the snub and Bochy, too weak to say it straight-up, could only manage sneak it out of the side of his mouth by offering it as a compliment to Harvey. Using a compliment to one guy as a screen to take a jab at another is spineless and Kershaw rightly called him out on it.