Boise State put on probation

It looks as if the clock has struck midnight for college football’s Cinderella, the Boise State Broncos.  <a href=>ESPN</a> reported Tuesday that the college football team from the small-scale conference was put on a relatively small-scale probation by the NCAA after it failed to “establish an adequate compliance system to report NCAA rules violations with regard to impermissible housing, transportation and other benefits to prospective and enrolled student-athletes.”

Boise State coach Chris Petersen seemed to be of the viewpoint that Boise State had done enough concerning the violations to avoid punishment. “I was surprised by the findings. I am also disappointed,” football coach Chris Petersen <a href=>said</a>. “However, it will not have an impact on our on-field efforts.”

Although the violation is minuscule compared to recently unveiled violations committed by powerhouses like USC, Ohio State and Miami, it is still disappointing for many to see the team from Idaho that turned itself from nothing into a championship contender, break the rules just like every other great team seems to be doing.

As a result of the violations, Boise State will lose three scholarships per year over the next three seasons (dropping from 85 to 82), as well as three spring contact practices (dropping from 12 to 9).  The punishment is certainly a far cry from the infamous death penalty that the NCAA imposed on Southern Methodist University in 1987, and the violation is almost insignificant relative to the rule violations committed by schools like SMU in the past, but it is still a black mark on what had up until now been a clean, admirable program.

The violations were not only concerning football; the school’s men’s and women’ tennis teams as well as the men’s and women’s track and field teams were also punished by the NCAA for similar violations.

In a summer filled with college football scandals, Boise State’s scandal comes as a bit of a shock being a small-conference team.  Maybe more than anything else though, college football fans should be disappointed that their perfect Cinderella story is not so perfect after all.

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  • Topper

    Alex Lau, stop hating on Boise and get your facts straight. All Boise did was offrer visiting prospects a place to sleep. They didn’t even realiz they were breaking the rules and took action as soon as the did realize it. Boise is being targeted by NCAA