Amir Khan vs Danny Garcia rematch in 2017? Manny Pacquiao, McGregor also possibilities

Amir Khan vs Danny Garcia rematch in 2017? Manny Pacquiao, McGregor also possibilities

Amir Khan has been calling out fighters ranging from Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather to UFC’s Conor McGregor, but decides to take the year off in preparation for a busy 2017 schedule.

When Amir Khan decided to move up two weight divisions to fight Canelo Alvarez boxing fans thought he was completely out of his mind, merely fighting for money without taking safety precautions seriously.

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He was reported to have earned around $13 million in a fight where he ended up knocked out senseless. Part of the agreement of him moving up was that he’d remain the main challenger at welterweight for Danny Garcia’s WBC belt.

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According to a report by Sky Sports, Amir Khan said, “Want to be back in the ring around January. Big fights next year. Who do you think? I’ll be ready. #147lbs January, May, December. #3fights #2017.”

One of the most compelling match ups that could be made in his return would be a rematch against Danny Garcia.

Amir Khan gave Danny Garcia serious trouble with his speed when they first fought in 2012. Khan was a heavy favorite under the tutelage of Freddie Roach until he got countered hard in the third off a missed punch.

He came back bravely albeit on rubbery legs, and got finished off in the fourth. He’s been scrambling for a rematch since.

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Danny Garcia had problems disposing an old Erik Morales in their first meeting who openly taunted him, but was able to follow through it with tremendous victories over Khan and Lucas Matthysse.

Garcia had a tough win against a relative unknown Mauricio Herrera and barely survived Lamont Peterson’s challenge.

If a rematch happens, many believe Amir Khan could still win it, as he initially showed in their first fight, as long as he implements a more balanced, or, defense-oriented game plan and sticks to it to the end.

However, Robert Guerrero, who lost to the undefeated Garcia is also calling for a rematch according to a report by WBN.

“I feel like I won the fight. He had some flashy shots but he didn’t want to fight. It is what it is and it motivates me to get back to that position.” Robert Guerrero said.

Amir Khan remains a possible opponent against Manny Pacquiao, or even Floyd Mayweather who’s hinted on a possible return if the money is right.

Outside boxing, he seems serious in challenging Conor McGregor under MMA rules, which many view as a dangerous and ridiculous decision.

Photo Courtesy: Amir Khan @amirkingkhan/Twitter

  • Tony Dreamer

    Amir Khan sucks. Pacquiao is the worst boxer even in the history of boxing. He should get destroyed real bad,

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      You suck my Johny, Tony.

  • PacU

    Khan vs Pacquiao could work former sparmates but Khan will get destroyed


    Amir Khan vs Conor McGregor in the Octagon! LMAO

  • LMA

    i still want Mayweahter vs Pacquiao but won’t pay for it LMAO

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    Fight needs to happen.

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    Anyone can knockout Khan… even Mayweather and his soft hands.

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    I would pay to watch a bird pee rather than this.

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    Give this cocky mofo a fight he will never forget. But please not Manny. That guy needs to focus more on being a senator.

    • I agree to that as well. He has too many obligations in the country — from politics to basketball.

    • Hoshiko

      He needs the money to make up for his campaign

  • AmericanJunkyarddog

    Danny Garcia is still significant? Terence Crawford all the way!

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    The monkey wants money give us Khan vs Pacquiao!