Boxing: Amir Khan aims for hefty paycheck rather than title in fight against Canelo Alvarez?

Boxing: Amir Khan aims for hefty paycheck rather than title in fight against Canelo Alvarez?

It would be considered as one of biggest fight for Amir Khan so far, but rumors are already swelling that the 29-year old British fighter is in for the money and not the title when he swings into action with Saul Canelo Alvarez on May 7 in Las Vegas.

Khan previously turned down an IBF welterweight showdown with champion Kell Brook and instead booked the fight against Alvarez, which according to bloody elbow will give Khan a hefty $13 million guaranteed paycheck. Turns out, his plan of getting his money’s worth worked to his favor and the title would just come second to him.

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This is also the first time that he is headlining a match in his entire career, though he fought in an undercard in the Mayweather-Maidana fight, but this time it will be his first ever pay-per-view main event card match. Khan must be careful not to be overwhelmed by the flow of money to his name this weekend, he must stay on the task ahead and that is how to beat the hard hitting Spanish Alvarez.

Khan arrived in Las Vegas over the weekend as part of his final preparations for the fight set this Saturday at the MGM Grand. He may have jump two weight class for this fight and seen as the underdog, but come fight night he is out to prove that he can outclass Alvarez with his speed. He even compared his fight with Alvarez to the feat done by Leicester City, who were considered underdogs but emerged as the new English Premier champions.

“I’m seen as the underdog in this fight against Canelo but I feel this is the year of the underdog. What Leicester City have achieved is absolutely amazing. You would have been called crazy if you thought that Leicester would win the title at the start of the season – it’s such an inspiring story. I’m definitely going to use that to help me because it shows that even though people say you have no chance what really matters is how you perform on the pitch, or in the boxing ring in my case,” Khan said.

Aside from focusing on winning against Alvarez, Khan is already receiving future offers. Khan insists that the future is bright for him and he will outright reject any offers of fight Floyd Mayweather after Alvarez. He insisted that Mayweather messed with him before and that he will simply return the favor and let Mayweather beg for the fight to happen.

“Winning this fight will make me the middleweight world champion. Do I want to fight Floyd Mayweather after how much he’s messed me around? He messed me around a lot so I wouldn’t take that fight. I’d probably treat him the same [way that he treated me],” Khan explained.

Khan promised that he will come out punching and punching hard against Alvarez and he gave a parting shot for Mayweather to just enjoy his retirement and go out and promote his pool of boxers rather than rethinking of coming back fighting inside the ring.

Going up against Alvarez, Khan is bringing with him an impressive 31 wins with 19 by knockout and three loses.

Photo Courtesy: Amir Khan @amirkingkhan/Twitter