Boxing News: Lawsuit awaits Manny Pacquiao after fight with Timothy Bradley

Boxing News: Lawsuit awaits Manny Pacquiao after fight with Timothy Bradley

Manny Pacquiao is down to his last week of training but another road block could play as a little distraction as a pending lawsuit is set to be filed against him after his awaited third fight against Timothy Bradley.

GMA News online reported that former Akbayan party-list representative Walden Bello, who is running also as a Philippine senatorial candidate like Pacquiao in the coming May elections, stated last week that the Philippine boxing icon must prepare to face a lawsuit which he will file after the April 9 fight in Las Vegas.

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“I just want to warn candidate Pacquiao that immediately after the fight on April 9, we will be filing a criminal case against him before the Comelec (Commission on Elections) Law Division and other relevant judicial institutions,” Bello said.

His complaint stemmed from the fact that the Comelec, the country’s poll body, has stated that it will not push through in stopping the airing of the fight in the Philippines as it will give Pacquiao a campaign advantage against others who are also seeking a seat in the Senate. He added that the country’s poll body is afraid of the people’s anger if the fight would not be aired, thus he will take the battle to the Supreme Court.

“It would be a waste of time to file a motion for reconsideration with the Comelec at this point in time. We are running out of time and I don’t think the Comelec will reverse itself. This is not the end…In fact my legal team is already drafting the criminal complaint that we will be filing if the fight pushes through,” Bello added.

Bello explained that under the country’s Fair Elections Act, Pacquiao will be given much media attention that is a clear violation under the law as it mandates a uniform limit on airtime for all candidates.

This despite the Comelec has already ruled that they will not stop the airing of the fight, stating that there was no formal complaint, the fight has not happened yet and that there is no “justiciable controversy” in Pacquiao’s case.

However, Pacquiao is unfazed by all the legal threat as he stays in focus for his fight against Bradley and calls on for unity and support. In a LA Times report, Pacquiao cherishes his last days in training as the Bradley fight could be his last professional boxing match.

After his training this week with Hall of Famer trainer Freddie Roach, Pacquiao and his team will move to Las Vegas for the final touches on his preparations for the fight.

“I’m thinking of it. I’m really eager to show a good fight with this one, to make the fans satisfied with this performance. It’s good for me to rest almost one year. I feel happiness, my hunger is like new,” Pacquiao said.

For Roach, Pacquiao’s decision to retire after this fight seemed final, but he hopes that his ward will end it with a knockout bang.