Boxing News: Manny Pacquiao comes back in basketball too after ‘unretiring’; Filipinos disappointed

Boxing News: Manny Pacquiao comes back in basketball too after ‘unretiring’; Filipinos disappointed

Manny Pacquiao is already being criticized after his plans of returning to the sport of boxing was revealed in recent weeks. However, the Filipino boxer is returning to another sport where he was previously unwelcomed. He is set to be active in his team for the local pro basketball league in the Philippines on Wednesday.

According to, Pacquiao has been “elevated to the active list” for his team, Mahindra, in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). He was previously in the injured reserve list and is also the official head coach of the team.

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Mahindra has won their first three games in the league this conference but needs Pacquiao to be active with their other guards injured for their Wednesday game against

Pacquiao is also an elected official in the Philippines, winning a Senate seat in the Philippine Elections last May.

The basketball comeback has earned varied reactions on social media with many fans disappointed with Pacquiao’s decision to return to basketball. Pacquiao has said in previous interviews that he wants to focus on his political career as a senator but with his return to boxing and basketball, it looks like his promises has been broken.

Pacquiao has played limited minutes in his basketball career and his appearance is seen as just a novelty act in the pro league.

Pacquiao’s boxing comeback is being pegged to be against Danny Garcia or Terence Crawford. The bout is reportedly set November later this year.

In boxing, Pacquiao had a record of 58 wins against six losses and two draws with 38 knockouts. His last fight two fights were unimpressive, with a unanimous decision win over Timothy Bradley in 2016 and a unanimous decision loss to Floyd Mayweather in 2015 in the “Fight of the Century”.

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Like his boxing comeback, Pacquiao’s return to basketball is not welcomed by most fans in his home country.

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  • Reality Check

    bopols naman sya sa basketbol eh, bakit kailangan pa sya bumalik dito? tutsa, naloko ata ako sa pagboto ng kumag na ito ah

  • Carmi Tator

    Kayo kasing mga genius na bumoto kay PacMan, hindi nyo sinayang yung posisyong para dapat sana sa isang deserving sa Senado. Alam nyong se-seryosohin nya ng sobra ang pulitika hangga’t naka-kontrata pa rin siya kay Arum at sa isang PBA team.

    Porke pambansang kamao eh pambansang senador na rin at pambansang basketboita? Over naman kayong maka-pambansang assume, aba’y sige na nga, tama na nga kayo. HERO sa boxing, ZERO sigurado sa attendance sa senado (same like he was in congress). Baka sumipot yan sa ilang PBA games, pwede pa.

    DU30 means business! So Senator PacMan, anu ba talaga ang gusto mo: serve the people na or play, and box until you’re brain-damaged? Make up your mind!