Boxing rumors: Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner derailed, searching for opponent for comeback fight

Boxing rumors: Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner derailed, searching for opponent for comeback fight

Adrien Broner has been calling out Manny Pacquiao for a welterweight match since his victory against Carlos Molina. Adrien Broner, nicknamed “The Problem,” has been making a case for himself since 2014 back when Manny Pacquiao just fought Bradley in their first rematch.

Adrien Broner thinks his fighting style, being similar to Floyd Mayweather jr. could pose problems for Pacquiao, too, and Freddie Roach welcomed the challenge. He believes a fight with Broner will turn out more entertaining because he is more offensive minded.

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But as rumors have strengthened regarding a Manny Pacquiao comeback fight (nobody really believed he was retiring anyway), there have been reports stating that negotiations with Broner have failed.

In an interview with Boxingscene, Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum said, “That is correct (That Broner priced himself out). I was dealing with Al Haymon in making that fight. Al tried but Broner was asking for crazy money that nobody could afford so he is out, and Manny is out looking for another opponent.”

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It looks like after years of talking, it finally fizzles out to be just that- talk. And it is not that the promoters could not afford that fight, but they don’t see how the match up could be worth so much.

The financial aspects of the negotiations have not been revealed during the interview.

Had the negotiations pushed through, the odds would have been heavily against Adrien Broner who’s been defeated by Carlos Maidana and Shawn Porter, both of whom aren’t regarded to be on Pacquiao’s level.

Adrien Broner wasn’t regarded as a live threat back then, and he still isn’t deemed one now as Pacquiao un-retires. But it was supposedly good enough for entertainment value, and to keep busy until the next big fight.

On Manny Pacquiao’s next fight, Arum says, “He is going to fight. I don’t know what the date is. He is working with the President of the Philippines senate for an appropriate date where he can leave the Philippines for two to three weeks to prepare for the fight.

Adrien Broner has not made any comment yet on the issue. Meanwhile, it seems it’s no longer a question of “If” Pacquiao ever fights again, but when.

Photo courtesy: Roger Alcantara/Flickr

  • David Gibson Sr.

    Bullshit. Arum is a lying old bastard. When brook jumped in the ggg fight that left Vargas without a fight. Now we will see pacman vs Vargas. Money stays in house and rain makes a shit load. Broner didn’t price himself out, that’s garbage !

    • Tyler Coop

      That is a Ignorant statement right there! Manny has fought more people out of “house”as you would call it then in house. Manny has one or two more fights at best. And in boxing there is no guarantee expect what comes at you at the time, most promoters want to make as much money as possible and work with each other all the time to achieve this. If the money is there they will do it 99% of the time. Going from Tyson vs Hollyfield, Lewis vs klitschko. I could list for days. Not to mention like I said Manny vs Oscar, Margarito, Morales, Berra, Mosley Marquez 1 and two. Bob has only done this with Manny with two fighters that I can think of Marquez 3 and 4 and Bradley.

  • Mo Cash

    when it comes to arum you can’t take anything as truth that leaves his mouth, but its more than believable that broner given his asinine behavior an deluded perception he could out price himself asking for way to much money thinking he’s on a mayweather type level. But either way it was likely arum always wanted somebody in house to keep the money in house, an in the event of a pacquiao loss would help the ascension of another top rank fighter because we all know manny only has about 1-2 fights left anyways. But broner could have easily did just that & he probably did himself a favor, this loss would have ended his career he’s nowhere near as skilled as floyd an way to inactive to stand a chance it was a bad match up for him ;)>

    • loxx4444

      Agree, if Broner gets his shit together he could put together a run where he’d make the same money as he would getting embarrassed by Pac. The flip side of that coin though is what if another lesser known fighter beats him badly? He may wish he’d taken whatever he was offered for Pac, because he’d be so far down the ladder he’d be lucky to get 100k to fight at that point.

      • Mo Cash

        yeah your right he might end up regretting it down the line,given his poor performances in big fights its more than likely ;)>