Floyd Mayweather MMA involvement, laughs at Conor McGregor fight suggestion by Skip Bayless

Floyd Mayweather MMA involvement, laughs at Conor McGregor fight suggestion by Skip Bayless

Former Pound 4 Pound king Floyd Mayweather nowadays is just glad to be around to help the new generation of boxers to flourish as he did when he was an active fighter.

After the biggest challenge of his career, the fight of the century- Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao, he’s been more active on the promotional end of the sport with the elusive Al Haymon, signing up new prospects, and offered a pro contract to Shakur Stevenson, hoping to find his young self in one of his boxers.

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A video interview by The RingDigital shows Floyd reacting to a Skip Bayless suggestion that Conor McGregor could hang in there with him in boxing, after what he showed at UFC 202 against Nate Diaz.

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Instead of ranting about his greatness, as he usually does, he simply laughed it off and respected Skip Bayless’ opinion.

Conor McGregor has been calling out the boxing champ, bragging about how he’d destroy him in MMA and beat him even in boxing, which makes him a laughing stock for those who truly know the sport.

Conor McGregor is unquestionably tough, although he barely beat Nate Diaz in the rematch, and that’s just the point; tough isn’t enough in boxing.

Since his first loss to Nate Diaz he’s seemingly upped his bravado Mayweather-like, also similar to Muhammad Ali, he shows off his affluence and even literally tries to look like Floyd and follow his mitt work routine.

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These copycat stuff could be fun to a few, annoying to many, and it certainly won’t be enough to beat the real McCoy. Why? In a stand-up fight, he gassed out in two rounds at UFC 202. And there isn’t any comparison at all with his level of boxing. Case closed.

But it’s understandable if Conor McGregor is trying to tag along Mayweather’s brand for profit. MMA fighters pale in comparison to what even regular boxers earn, and in the interview, Floyd makes it known that he’s going to get involved in MMA to make talents win and earn more over its current business platform.

For the meantime, Floyd’s rival Manny Pacquiao will be facing Jessie Vargas in November. Boxing rumors circulate that there could be a part two of Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao, although “Money May” has repeatedly dismissed the idea.

The Manny Pacquiao card will be co-headlined by another Filipino boxing star Nonito Donaire Jr.

Photo courtesy: Bryan Horowitz/Flickr

  • Will Rock You

    I actually enjoy Conor’s act of imitating Floyd. It is great for business! Floyd left Bob Arum’s Top Rank Boxing and became Money Mayweather in order to bring attention to his greatness and attain the type of paydays Bob Arum could not produce. Conor benefits from having an entire league (the UFC) promoting him on a basic cable network (Fox sports). Conor has done a great job at getting unforeseen base pay from the UFC along with the standard PPV points on the back end. We know that Oscar de la Hoya ushered in leveraging his star power into greater sums of income due to co-promoting his fights. Floyd ran with the business model. Conor is still an employee of the UFC for now and is unable to tap into the lion’s share of the PPV money. It was a big deal for Conor to get a base pay of 3 millions dollars while Floyd received 20 million as base pay. We can all pretend otherwise because of the UFC mass appeal but at the end of the day it doesn’t make it so. Good luck to Conor attempting to fake his way into having Floyd-type paydays right now but that math does not add up. Conor cannot fight anybody without the permission of the UFC.

    • Villain

      I agree on it being good for business. it’s fun entertainment, and it will serve to promote his brand. And now he has Canelo to annoy too!

  • Freddy West

    It’s hilarious when a pink man tries to copy an all time great. Conor is a clown and thinks that people are laughing with him but its at him.

    • Villain

      yes, but he’ll always brag about earning more than most of his fans lol

  • Vito Manolo

    Not once did you mention in the context that mcgregor went up two divisions at 170 POUNDS to fight a guy that weighed at 185 in the octagon . Thats why he gassed stupid .

    • Villain

      Then he’s the stupid one. The fact that he moved up that high at once is stupid in the first place, but he’s lucky he got the favourable call even after running like McChicken.

      • Hi Be

        sounds like you don’t follow mma at all

        • Villain

          Why? even Dana White discouraged him, his coach was against it. In fact, very few were in favor of Conor’s decision.

  • CaneloZero

    McGregor is as arrogant so….