Mayweather accusation vs Pacman PED use justified? Delay of Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather was Manny’s fault? Irony of Rodrigo Duterte support

Mayweather accusation vs Pacman PED use justified? Delay of Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather was Manny’s fault? Irony of Rodrigo Duterte support

The Fight of the Century between Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather may be over, but it came a bit too late, where both boxers were perceived to be in a gradual physical decline.

Coach, Freddie Roach had claimed that Floyd Mayweather would get beat by his ward ‘cause he no longer had the legs to move around the ring for 12 rounds, or, at least not as much as he used to.

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Boxing analysts have chimed in agreement regarding Manny Pacquiao’s ebbing power, not being able to knock out an opponent as he used to, and cited his problems with leg cramps. Some say he’s been showing signs of exhaustion lately, huffing and puffing on the later rounds.

There were many reasons behind the Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather bout being less than stellar. In fact, apart from the biggest fight actually happening when most thought it wouldn’t, nothing notable really happened in that squared circle that would suggest its living up to its billing.

The delay was mainly due to Pacman’s refusal to take drug tests. Sure, there was the agonizing financial dispute, but nobody doubted Floyd as being on the A-side of the agreement.

The main thing that held up the fight was Manny’s refusal to take random drug tests- either ‘cause he was afraid of needles, or his superstitions made him feel sluggish whenever blood was taken out of his system prior to a fight.

The drug/PED use was blatantly denied, and people believed him. Floyd Mayweather got called a chicken for that, for allegedly finding all sorts of excuses not to fight.

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But according to a report by TMZ Manny Pacquiao has admitted to using “all kinds of drugs” before he became a boxing champion.

Surely, he may have meant recreational/designer drugs like Shabu or Cocaine, in contrast to performance-enhancing drugs, but it drives down the point that it utterly destroys his credibility on the matter.

It turns out now that Floyd Mayweather was right in demanding for random drug testing. Apparently, it’s not merely enough if an athlete says he’s a man of faith and preaches about honesty, and we simply take his word for it. You lie about one drug, you lie about all.

Manny Pacquiao, now a member of the Phil. Senate made this revelation in support of the country’s controversial president Rodrigo Duterte. He pledges his support for Duterte’s drug crackdown, which is under international scrutiny for alleged human rights abuses.

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte has been questioned at the outset of his program for alleged ordering the killings of addicts and drug pushers, and hard criminals.

Do these drug elements deserve to be killed being a menace to society? Are they not human beings anymore, as rotten as their crimes, unworthy of the shelter of the law?

Sen. Pacquiao supports his tough program despite admitting drug use. Ironically, he’s the best example why drug users shouldn’t just be put to an end for the legend he’s become.

Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather 2 anyone?

Photo courtesy: Joseph Nebrida/Wikimedia

  • Herman Santos

    This article is reduced to rubbish by two facts.

    1. Manny was very clear on what he meant about taking “all kinds” of drugs. The writer jumps to his own conclusion to say ‘it must have included PEDS’ and actually says ‘if you’ve done one you’ve done them all’. However to assume Manny smoking weed equates to him taking HGH is an baseless assumption and the writer’s wishful thinking.

    2. Floyd Mayweather was exposed and proven to be taking a PED masking banned IV. No assumption, no wishful thinking, it is a hard fact. Manny on the other hand took no such illegal measures.

    Finally, to prove the cheating Floyd was using the drug accusation as a ducking smoke screen, once Manny agreed to Floyd’s demands, Floyd THEN said, ‘I will not fight him until he signs with TMT’ and the fight was delayed almost another year or 2.

    Floyd and his antics makes his fans, like this writer’ look either blind or gullible or both.

    • Gutterpunk

      What boxing needs is to drop this whole subject and move on.

      • Herman Santos

        When the ‘ambassador of clean Boxing’ is caught taking a banned IV with PED diluting volume 150 times more than the allowable amount behind closed doors in the privacy of his own home, this ain’t going nowhere.

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  • Gutterpunk

    “Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather 2 anyone?” — good luck selling that one to the general sports fan. They’re still pissed about the first one.