Mike Tyson insists Manny Pacquiao should be banned at The Grove, calls Filipino ‘disrespectful’

Mike Tyson insists Manny Pacquiao should be banned at The Grove, calls Filipino ‘disrespectful’

Mike Tyson was in a fighting mood when he insisted that Philippine boxing icon Manny Pacquiao should be banned from The Grove because of the Filipino’s gay slur in recent months adding that the boxer-politician should learn to respect other people’s feelings.

TMZ caught up with Tyson at the Los Angeles International Airport on Friday and asked him for his comment about Pacquiao getting a ban at The Grove to which the 49-year old undisputed heavyweight champion swear at his answer.

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“He should be F**KING BANNED from The Grove! Totally disrespectful of other people’s feelings,” Tyson said.

Tyson’s call for Pacquiao’s ban from The Grove is no surprise as many of the biggest names in sports and Hollywood were angered by the comments he made saying that gay individuals were “worse than animals” to which he quoted a Bible verse and even suggested that gay people should be put to death.

After earning lots of negative comments, the eight-division champ immediately apologized to those whom he had offended but explained that he will never change his position on same sex marriage.

Aside from sending a message to Pacquiao, Tyson also gave some piece of advice for beleaguered UFC fighter Jon Jones, who is set to meet Daniel Cormier on April 23 at UFC 197 in Las Vegas.

“He should get help…PROFESSIONAL Help is what he needs,” Tyson stressed.

On the other hand, TMZ was able to interview Manny Pacquiao and asked him about the ban over at The Grove, which is a famous tourist destination in Los Angeles as it is owned and operated by Rick J. Caruso. Pacquiao stated that he does not mind the ban and will continue to go over The Grove since it is a public place.

“I love everybody… It is a public place and it is available for everybody,” Pacquiao said in an interview at the Wild Card gym, where he trains for his third encounter with Timothy Bradley on April 9.

Pacquiao also noted that he is focused for the fight and after the Bradley match, which he considered as his last fight. He added that he will immediately go back to the Philippines after the match and focus on his political plans.

Photo Courtesy: Brian Birzer/Wikimedia

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  • The Black Messenger

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  • Fernando Scott fowler

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