Pacquiao: Size doesn’t matter, being small still good

Pacquiao: Size doesn’t matter, being small still good

Manny Pacquiao has expressed no concern about being underweight in his upcoming fight with Timothy Bradley on Saturday. Freddie Roach, Pacquiao’s boxing trainer, and close friend has already declared that the Filipino boxing icon is 100 percent ready for the upcoming fight with Timothy Bradley Jr. this Saturday.

“He’s 100 percent ready to go,” Freddie Roach told reporters after the post-lunch workout.

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Bradley clearly has the upper hand here as far as the weight is concerned. Bradley is overweight and tipped the scales at 153 pounds and 12 pounds heavier than the Filipino boxer.

The numbers show that Pacquiao is closer to be in a junior welterweight division (140-pound limit), while Bradley is nearer to be in the junior middleweight division (154-pound limit).

But there’s no cause for big alarm for this weight issue. Pacquiao is no stranger to this kind of issue, Pacquiao was dwarfed by almost five inches and outweighed by 16 pounds when he met Antonio Margarito in 2010. Pacquiao won that match.

It doesn’t matter how much heavy Bradley gets, he still gets hits and hurt by Pacquiao. The Filipino boxer has built a career out of being the fastest man in the ring with the devastating knockout punch, and good footwork.

The last time Pacquiao went under 140 pounds was in 2009 when he met and destroyed Ricky Hatton in just two rounds to secure the International Boxing Organization super lightweight title.

Since then, Pacquiao has never gone lighter than 143 pounds, though the Filipino icon insists that he can still fight in a lightweight division (that’s 135 pounds).

When the two fighters first met in 2012, Bradley was the heavier fighter, Bradley weighs at an exact 147 while Pacquiao at 146. In their second clash in 2014, Pacquiao was again the lighter, at 145, just half a pound off Bradley.

For sure, the American Boxer would aim for the weight limit, but it’s not an easy task for him, there will be physical and mental strain.

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