Brian Hartline signs 5-year contract with Miami Dolphins

After a great season, Brian Hartline has agreed to stay in Miami with the Dolphins.

The wide receiver signed a contract for five years with the Miami Dolphins for a salary just shy of $31 million, reports the Associated Press.

Hartline said, “I’m happy; I think they’re happy. That’s probably the good sign of a good deal.”

He could have been an unrestricted free agent but chose to stay with the Dolphins for less money according to agent Drew Rosenhaus. Last season, Hartline had 74 receptions for 1,083 yards.

While Hartline is a great receiver for the Dolphins to secure their focus is still on finding another great receiver. Hartline has a great attitude about it and wants to help with the recruiting.

“As soon as I signed, I’m like, look, let’s go recruiting now. So I hope I’m invited to those dinners,” he said.

Saturday is the opening day that teams can talk to other team’s free agents, reports the Miami Herald.

Jeff Ireland, Dolphin’s general manager, is going to go out to talk to other top players to sign to the Dolphins. Rumors are that he will be focusing on Steelers’ Mike Wallace. Hartline said, “You need to have at least four receivers that you can depend on, that are big playmakers to win in this league. The more playmakers you can have on a team, the more valuable the offense is going to be.”

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