Broncos decal helmets

The Denver Bronco team announced on Saturday that they would be adding on a decal on their helmets to honor the 2012 tragic events that occurred in their state of Colorado.

The Broncos are referring to the horrible occurrence at the Aurora movie theater and the devastation of multiple wildfires that ravaged through the state, according to NFL.

Broncos linebacker Von Miller addressed this meaningful decal on his blog, “We had a lot of stuff happen around Denver in the last year and we just want to bring some happiness and joy — and hopefully some wins — back to Colorado this season.”

The Aurora incident occurred during The Dark Knight Rises’ opening premiere. Twelve people were killed and 58 were injured as the alleged shooter, James Holmes, went on a shooting spree.

The Colorado wildfire that began around Friday, June 22, or Saturday, June 23, devastated all of northwest Colorado forcing 32,000 people to abandoned their homes and 15,517 acres burned to ashes, according to L.A. Times.

It has been a difficult year for the state of Colorado. The Denver Broncos are taking the right approach to let people know of what happened and remind others that they haven’t forgotten as they kick off against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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