Brooklyn Nets considering Jason Kidd as new head coach

If  you were to guess who would be the Brooklyn Nets next head coach, you may say Indian Pacers assistant Brian Shaw, or Memphis coach Lionel Hollins. You may even say Phil Jackson even though he’s denied coaching again. Well, it may be none of those. It may be recently retired Jason Kidd (don’t lie, if the headline didn’t give it away, you would have never guessed it).

League sources told Yahoo! Sports that Kidd’s candidacy has been discussed within the highest levels of the organization. Sources also told Yahoo! Sports that Kidd has been in talks with associates about becoming the Nets’ head coach, and is searching for a staff that will help him to overcome a significant learning curve.

Kidd spent six years with the Nets organization, so it’s no surprise that he would be considered for the job. What is surprising is the immediacy of the consideration. No one would be shocked if five years from now, the Nets were calling Kidd to lead their team once more. But a week after his retirement is unexpected to say the least.

According to USA Today Sports, Avery Johnson, in addition to others, made the immediate jump from player to coaching. In 2004, he became a Dallas Mavericks assistant coach after retiring and was promoted as the team’s head coach five months later.

I for one, think it would be pretty cool to see JKIDD orchestrate the Nets once again.

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