Bud Selig knows which MLB players might be suspended

The biogenesis report first was revealed to the public over a month ago, and since then we have been wondering when and if players like Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez would be getting suspended. Bud Selig touched on the subject during All-Star week in New York.

The first news that came out on Tuesday was that suspensions linked to the biogenesis clinic may have to wait until 2014. CBS Sports reports that the appeals process may not begin until September and that it is more than likely that none of the players linked will serve suspensions this season.

On an episode of The Late Show With David Letterman that aired on Monday night Selig was asked about the looming suspensions, and remained tight-lipped. But he did reveal to the talk show host that he knows which guys will be suspended when they are finally handed out, according to USA Today. Selig did not say which players were to be suspended, but the big names we have been hearing are Rodriguez, Braun, Nelson Cruz and others.

“Only time will tell,” Selig told Letterman. “We’re in the midst of a very thorough and tough investigation on all of this, because I really believe it’s not only the right thing to do, but we’re going to do it and that’s all I can tell you.”

It is unknown when the next step in this process will be, and among other unknown facts in this case, the biggest may be how long each suspension will be. They could be 50 games or they could be 100 games we will just have to wait and see who gets suspended and for how long.

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