Bulls still uncertain if Derrick Rose will return

While fans have been watching LeBron James take over the league and lead his team to an impressive winning streak, Chicago Bulls fans will be disappointed to hear that their superstar – Derrick Rose – is still not ready to play.

Rose has been practicing without restrictions since his ACL tear. However his return to the court remains uncertain, according to the Associated Press.

Bulls’ coach Tom Thibodeau said, “He’s been cleared to do everything there is. Before he makes the final step, everyone has to get together and sign off. That hasn’t happened yet. The most important part of this is that we have to trust Derrick, and I trust him.”

While doctors his doctor cleared him to play, Rose said that he would not play until he can dunk confidently. Thibodeau would not say if Rose was going to play this season or not.

There are a lot of people that have to sign off on Rose coming back to play before he gets back on the court. He is the most important piece for the Bulls and no one wants to rush him back onto the court before he is completely ready.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Rose has been playing 5-on-5 without any issues for several weeks now. Now Rose has to be sure that he is physically and mentally ready to returned to the game.

The Bulls have become optimistic since Ricky Rubio has returned to the game for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Rubio also tore his ACL last season but returned in December. He is now starting to play closer to his full potential.

Thibodeau added, “No one wants to play more than he does. His approach has been very, very good. I just want him to do what he has been doing, which is put everything he has into each and every day with his rehab. He has practiced well. He has to keep doing that. When he’s ready, we’ll know.”

Hopefully the Bulls and their fans will know soon if their superstar is going to come back or not.


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