Cal State Fullerton returns after coach’s death

It was an extremely emotional day for the Cal State Fullerton women’s basketball team on Saturday as they returned to the game only days after their coach, Monica Quan’s death.

Saturday, Fullerton lost 64-45 to UC-Riverside only six days after Monica Quan and her fiancé, Keith Lawerence, were murdered. No one would have blamed the Fullerton group if they had cancelled the game but instead the women came out in T-shirts that read “it is the courage to continue that counts,” according to NBC Sports.

That was the team’s way of honoring the coach. To live through what she taught that to win you must endure all the pain on and off the court. It is a tough thing when put to the test.

“Harder than I expected it to be. There’s just a lot of emotions that come into it – not being able to look down the line and see her standing up there with us. I know at least for me, it was really difficult … it was hard not having her with us,” junior Alex Thomas said, reports the Associated Press.

Head coach, Marcia Foster, said, “We can’t say how sorry we are to Randal Quan and (mother) Sylvia Quan and (brother) Ryan Quan and the family of Keith Lawrence. It doesn’t make sense to any of us, and you all know that young people shouldn’t have to experience this kind of tragedy. A family shouldn’t have to go through it.”

Riverside coaches and coaches were extremely supportive after the game. They gave hugs during the handshake. While the Fullerton team was walking off the court, the crowd cheered loudly for them.


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