Cardinals stun Patriots in 20-18 win

On Sunday, the Arizona Cardinals traveled to Gillette Stadium to stun the New England Patriots in a huge 20-18 victory.

According to ESPN, The Cardinals defense was the key to their victory. Their consistent and aggressive pass rush threw Brady off his rhythm, which forced him to make very poor decisions, one being intercepted by Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson.

A key defensive play occurred when Groves was able to block a punt, which lead to a field goal kick.

On the offensive endCardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb whose replacing for the injured John Skelton, played well with two touchdowns. One was a rushing touchdown and the other was a pass to receiver Andre Roberts, reports the Boston Herald,

Meanwhile, the Patriots were surviving on field goal kicks but in the fourth quarter, the Patriots found the end zone, which cut the lead down to two.

The Patriots had a chance to win when Cardinals running back Ryan Williams fumbled the ball, with only 1:01 minute remaining. The Patriots were in range for a 42-yard field goal kick but hooked wide to the left, according Sports Grid.

By beating the Patriots, the Cardinals are proving doubters wrong that they can compete with the best of teams as their defense continues to impress.

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