Carter, Parcells, Sapp headline 2013 Hall of Fame inductees

Cris Carter, Warren Sapp, and Bill Parcells highlighted a class of seven that were formally inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame Saturday night.

“I appreciate the process you have to go through to get to be a Hall of Famer,” said Carter, who played college football at Ohio State. “To be able to join these men on this stage in football heaven is the greatest day of my life.”

The other seven members of the class of 2013 included Jonathan Ogden, Dave Robinson, Larry Allen, and Curley Culp. Ogden, an offensive tackle, is the first Baltimore Raven in the Hall, reports the Chicago Tribune.

“It’s somewhat overwhelming,” Ogden said. “You look around and there’s Joe Greene and Joe Namath. Heck, they are all there; you can’t stop naming names.”

Carter is the number four leader in NFL career receptions, behind fellow Hall-of-Famer Jerry Rice and current player Tony Gonzalez. He is also in the top ten in receiving yards and career touchdowns, according to Pro Football Reference.  This was his sixth year of eligibility for the Hall.

The celebration marked the 50th anniversary of the Hall of Fame, and a record 120 Hall of Fame members made it to the ceremonies.

Parcells, the first coach in seven years to make the shrine, was humbled as he noted, “There’s a kinship created that lasts the rest of your life.”

Allen was a key blocker for the Cowboys during their successful run in the 1990s, opening holes for career rushing leader Emmitt Smith. He, Ogden, and Sapp were all in their first year of eligibility, notes the Associated Press.

“Troy Aikman showed me how to come to work every day and be a professional,” Allen said, calling out his Hall of Fame quarterback. “My goal was simple; to earn a seven-letter word called respect. The respect of my teammates, opponents and the NFL. Today, my mission is complete.”