Celtics-Clippers saga continues

After walking away from trade talks on Monday, the Los Angeles Clippers have gotten back in touch with the Boston Celtics about a possible trade for Kevin Garnett and coach Doc Rivers. The Clippers are apparently doing so in order to appease their star point guard Chris Paul, who will become a free agent on July 1.

Past difficulties with a possible trade have been due to the Celtics desire to obtain two first-round picks from the Celtics or include guard Eric Bledsoe. With Eric Bledsoe off the table the Celtics are now insisting on getting two first-round picks.

Coach Rivers met with the Celtics president of basketball operations Wednesday, apparently discussing his future. The Boston Globe believes those talks may have been interrupted by either the Clippers re-igniting trade talks, or encouragement from Rivers for the two sides to continue trade talk.

The re-engagement of trade talks seem to be due to Chris Paul saying to the Clippers organization that he will return to play for Rivers and along side Garnett. The Globe notes that Paul would reportedly re-sign a long-term extension with the Clippers in order to play under coach Rivers.

Yahoo! Sports reports that sources are indicating Rivers and Clippers negotiating a five-year, $35 million incentive-laden deal. Garnett will waive his no trade-clause and the Clippers will pay a $3.5 million trade kicker on DeAndre Jordan’s contract.

“The money is not a hang-up in this right now,” a league source told Yahoo! Sports. “It’s about the draft pick.”

With only one detail apparently left to be determined in this trade, the first blockbuster of the summer may be coming sooner than expected.

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