Chargers vs. Titans preview

On Sunday, the San Diego Chargers will have their first home game of the season against the Tennessee Titans.

A key match up will be the Charger’s defensive line versus the Titan’s offensive line. The Charger’s improved their defensive line in the offseason but will need to step up in order to put pressure on Titan’s quarterback Jake Locker. The Titan’s offensive line only allowed 24 sacks last season, according to Rants Sports.

Bleacher Report notes that Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers played well against the Raiders last week thanks to undrafted left tackle rookie Mike Harris. Harris is substituting for the injured Jared Gaither and so far had been doing a good job keeping the pressure off of Rivers. He will need to do the same in order for Rivers to excel.

Both teams have excellent running backs but struggled in game one. Charger’s Ryan Matthews had been questionable to play and Titan’s Chris Johnson is still struggling to find his groove. Without Matthews, the Chargers rushed 32 yards in 20 attempts and Titans rushed 20 yards in 16 attempts against the New England Patriots.

This matchup should be close as both teams are still trying to find their groove but it seems Chargers have a slight edge.

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