Chiefs agree to terms with Dwayne Bowe and Dustin Colquitt

On Monday, the Kansas Chiefs agreed to a 5-year deal with star wide receiver Dwayne Bowe. Many thought the Chiefs would franchise tag Bowe, but instead they got a deal worked out.

With their newly acquired quarterback Alex Smith wanting someone to throw to, this was a great move for the Chiefs. According to SB Nation, the Chiefs would have had to pay Bowe over $11 million dollars in order to franchise tag him.

According to The Kansas City Star, Kansas City also signed their punter, Dustin Colquitt to a 5-year deal. Colquitt will receive almost $9 million throughout this whole deal, which makes him the highest paid punter in the National Football League. Colquitt pinned opponents inside the 20-yard line on 52.4% of his punts last season, which is a great number. He was also named to the 2012 AFC Pro Bowl roster so he rightfully deserves this contract.

These were two good moves by Kansas City, who obviously struggled last year going going 2-14. The good news for them is they have the #1 Overall Pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. Hopefully in a few year things at Arrowhead Stadium will not be as bad as they were in 2012.

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