Chipper Jones to replace Matt Kemp on the NL All-Star Roster

Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones will be taking the place of Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp on the NL All-Star team.

Kemp is currently on the disabled list with a hamstring injury, preventing him from participating in the All-Star game on July 10 in Kansas City.  He will however, be competing in the Home Run Derby the night before.

Jones was originally chosen as a candidate to be voted onto the team by fans. After batting practice on Tuesday, he was informed that he would be taken off the ballot and given a place on the squad.

When told the good news by general manager Frank Wren, Jones thought about his children.

”I’m gonna be a kid in a candy store carrying four other kids in a candy store,” Jones said.

This will be Jones’ eighth and final All-Star appearance, as he will be retiring after the season.

“I’m flattered to go to this year’s All-Star Game with this being my last year and my last opportunity to do so,” Jones said.

National League manager Tony LaRussa decided to add Jones’ to his squad, feeling that the veteran deserved the spot.  Jones plans on telling Tony that is is okay if he doesn’t get put in the game, he is happy just to be there, watch, and ‘cheerlead.’

Jones will be making his first appearance at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, being the only Major League ballpark he has not played in during his 19 years in the majors.

Jones was the leader in the All-Star Game Final Vote before being taken off the ballot. St. Louis Cardinals third baseman, and last year’s World Series MVP David Freese is now in the lead.

In addition to Freese, Diamondbacks Aaron Hill, Braves Michael Bourn, and 19-year-old Bryce Harper from the Nationals are still left on the NL ballot.


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